Water Supply Protection (Backflow)

Required Information

Testers must bring copies of the following:

  • Registration Form
  • BPAT License
  • Proof of Confine Space Training (minimum 8 hours of hands-on training)
  • Gauge Calibration

Fireline Testers must also bring:

  • SCR
  • RME
  • Letter of Employment


Note: All forms are non form fill. Please print form, complete and bring with you when you register. Testers remain registered for a calendar year - January 1 through December 31. Testers registered with the City of Garland Water Utilities

Helpful Resources

Summary of Procedures Prior to Installation of Backflow Preventer

  • All backflow prevention assemblies and approved testers shall be registered with Garland Water Utilities. All backflow prevention assemblies shall be nationally recognized and certified as an approved testable device.
  • All backflow prevention assembly installations require compliance with the city's Building Inspection Office (a permit is required).
  • All testing shall be performed by a TCEQ approved licensed tester who is registered with Garland Water Utilities.
  • All backflow prevention assemblies shall be tested according to TCEQ regulations prior to the permanent activation of the plumbing system and thereafter annually.
  • All backflow prevention assemblies shall have plastic or brass caps placed upon all test cocks (No Galvanized Plugs).
  • All backflow prevention assembly devices that do not have the manufactures identification plate attached to the device and that do not have a legible serial number must be replaced with a new device.
  • All backflow prevention assemblies are required to be registered through the Garland Water Utilities department.
  • All backflow prevention assemblies shall be installed by licensed plumbers, irrigators or fire sprinkler technicians who meet the requirements of the city's current plumbing code. All backflow prevention assemblies must be tested after installation by an approved city registered tester. Test reports must be submitted to Garland Water Utilities within 10 days of the test, at
    2343 Forest Lane
    Garland, TX 75042
  • All testers must register with Garland Water Utilities. An annual, non-refundable registration fee of $75 is required (payable by check, money order, or credit card). Testers must also purchase a testing form booklet - 30 forms - for a fee of $25 (payable by check, money order, or credit card).