Jury Service

Claim an Exemption

You may be excused from jury service if:

  • You are over 75 years of age;
  • You have legal custody of a child or children younger than 12 years of age and service on the jury would require leaving the child or children without adequate supervision;
  • You are a student at a public or private high school;
  • You are enrolled and attend college;
  • You are an officer or an employee of the senate, the House of Representatives, or any department, commission, board, office, or other agency in the legislative branch of state government;
  • You are the primary caretaker of a person who is an invalid, unable to care for himself or herself. (This exemption does not apply to health care workers.)
  • You have served as a juror in the county during the 24-month period prior to the date you are required to appear for this summons. (Applies only to counties with populations of at least 200,000 unless the county uses a jury plan under 62011, Government code, and the period authorized under Section 621(b) (6) exceeds 2 years.)
  • You have been summoned for service in a county with a population of 250,000 and you have served as a petit juror in the county during the 3-year period preceding the date you are to appear for jury service.

You are not required to claim an exemption. It is your choice.