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Municipal Court

The Municipal Court Services Department is the justice center for the City of Garland. It is an impartial facility designed to provide professional assistance to citizens in disposing of their cases before the Court. The Court strives to provide accurate, timely and thorough processing of court records and to ensure the proper collection of fines and penalties.


Citation Options Introduction




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Municipal Courts are the judicial branch of city government. In addition, the Municipal Court is part of the state judicial system. Municipal Court hears Class C Misdemeanor criminal cases, including traffic violations, for which the maximum fine, upon conviction, does not exceed $500, and for which no jail sentence may be assessed. They also hear cases involving violation of city ordinances, which may have fines up to $2,000 for certain offenses.

When you receive a citation, the options you have to resolve your case can vary depending on many different factors including, but not limited to: the type of violation, the severity of the violation, the age of the defendant, etc. The first thing you will need to do is enter a plea on or before your appearance date. Once you announce your intended plea and complete the contact information card with your current information, you may be scheduled for a court date, or you may have the option of disposing of the case without appearing in open court. If your situation allows you to resolve the matter without appearing in open court, you may pay the fine, provide proof for expired violations or insurance matters, or you may be eligible for an alternate sentencing option such as deferred disposition (deferred adjudication), or a driving safety course. For additional information, call 972-205-2330.


Garland Participates in Scofflaw Program

October 1, 2017 

In accordance with the Scofflaw Registration Block Program, if you owe money for a citation, a block will be put on your vehicle registration. Thus, not allowing you to register your vehicle until all unpaid citations have been paid in full.

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Online Payment Now Available

October 1, 2017 

Please Note when paying by credit card, a convenience fee will be charged. By phone - 5%/$5 minimum per transaction; In Person or Online - 3.5%/$3.50 minimum per transaction

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