City Governance

Garland is where things are made. Products, careers, and opportunities are made here. Friendships that last a lifetime are made here, and generations of families have made this part of Texas their home.

Incorporation of Garland

As early as the mid-1800s, settlers began arriving in what is now Garland. The pioneers found the black soil ideal for cotton, and the communities of Duck Creek and Embree thrived on that crop. In 1886, two railroad lines built depots in the area. Eventually, those two communities combined and became the city of Garland, officially incorporated in 1891.

Thriving Community

Garland enjoys a rich history that has shaped it into the thriving metropolitan-area city that offers its residents and businesses a high quality of life and excellent educational and workforce development opportunities and is enhanced by community leaders and partners. Garland is proud of its affordable and business-friendly climate.