Interlibrary Loan

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Need a book the Garland Libraries do not own?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) allows a Garland resident library cardholder to borrow a book from another library outside Garland.  With online ILL, resident cardholders may request books anytime, even when the library is closed.  All that is required is a computer, an Internet connection and an email address.  Library patrons who reside outside of Garland are encouraged to initiate interlibrary loan requests through their local library.

  • You must be a Garland resident and your library account must be in good standing to use interlibrary loan.
  • You must have an email address to use interlibrary loan.
  • New books are not available through interlibrary loan during the current and previous year after the publication date.
  • Some items may not be borrowed. Check the complete list of unavailable items.
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for most items to be delivered to your designated pick up library.

Using the Texas Group Catalog

  1. Enter your search terms and click go 
  2. Select the title you want by clicking the title 
  3. Click on “Request Item”.
  4. A new screen will appear: “Choose your home library.”
  5. Scroll down to or search for and select "Garland/Nicholson Memorial Library System."
  6.  Click on “Continue.”
  7.  Enter your library card number.
  8.  Enter your PIN.  Your PIN is a four-digit number.  Until you change it, your default PIN is the last 4 digits of your phone number.
  9. Click “Login.”
  10. Fill out the required fields including choosing a pickup location and entering your email address.  An email address is required. to use this service. See How will I be notified? for more information on email. 
  11. Click on “Continue.” 
  12. A request has been placed. You’re done!

Viewing the status of your ILL requests:

1. Go to the Texas Group Catalog.
2. Hover over "Texas Group Catalog" in the upper left corner and choose My Requests.
3. Choose “Garland/Nicholson Memorial Library System” as your home library.
4. Click on “Continue.”
5. Enter your library card number.
6. Enter your PIN.
7. Click “Login.”
8. After signing in, you’ll see all of your active requests and their statuses:

  • "New" - this is a new request.
  • "Pending" - Currently, the Texas Group Catalog software is sending requests to libraries on your behalf.
  • "Shipped" - the item is on its way to Garland for you!
  • "Received" - the item has been received by the Garland Public Library. Some processing will be required, then it will be sent to your branch for pick up. When it’s ready for pick up at your
          branch, you’ll get notified just like you get notified for all other holds. You’ll have ten days to pick it up after it’s ready.
  • "Returned" - the item has been sent back to the lender but has not been received yet.

Not seeing your hold? When cancelled, a hold drops off your request list and an email is sent to the email address you provided with an explanation for the cancellation.

9. If you have any questions about your ILL requests, feel free to contact us at 972-205-2500 or send an email.

What Is Available?

You may request books or journal articles not owned by the Nicholson Memorial Library System. Books must not be within the current or previous year after the publication date and the lending library must be within the continental United States.   Check the Garland Library catalog to see if we own a title before placing a request.


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Interlibrary loan requests are handled by reference staff at any Nicholson Memorial Library System location.  Please call 972-205-2500 or send an email if you need assistance.