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Request a Court Date

  1. Request a Court Date

    By completing this form and requesting a court hearing, you are affirming that you are the recipient of the listed citation(s) and that you, or your attorney, are making this request.

    If you would like to schedule, or reset a court date, please fill out the form below completely. A notice will be sent to you via email once your case has been processed. Please check your spam/junk folder settings to ensure you don't miss your notice.

  2. Please keep in mind, if your case is currently a warrant, or has been rescheduled previously, it may have to be reviewed by a judge before it can be set.
  3. Citation Information
  4. If you have more than one citation, please list all citation numbers that you would like to request a court date for.
  5. Defendant Information
  6. Additional Contact Information
  7. Please provide a name, and phone number for two additional contacts.
  8. If not employed, please provide a source of support.
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    If this is an initial request, or a reset request, please select one of the options below.
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